INDUSTRY USE CASES with Demonstration on Kubernetes

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I am writing this article to share my insights over Industry Use cases of Kubernetes, a webinar organized by Experts conducted by Mr. Rushil Sharma, Mr. Vijit Kuntal & Mr. Neeraj Bhatt.


CVS stands for Centralized version control systems ,its centralized storage system for developers where all the codes are being stored without local copies.


Why is Git preferred over CVS ?

SCC(Security Context Constraints )

OpenShift provides security context constraints (SCC) that control the actions that a pod can perform and what it has the ability to access.

What does SCC controls?

Fields configured in SCC

Other Important Concepts

Global Traffic Manager : It is designed so that Internet users can more reliably get to your websites or any other IP application.

Chaos Testing : It is the process used by companies by tools like ChaosMonkey in which certain situations like network driver going down, volumes becomes inaccessible and many more and other these situations, the behaviour of cluster is checked.

Engineering Cluster : It is the playground in which cluster which is not deployed could be deployed for testing.

CPU Request : It is defined as the number of resource that would be guaranteed to the pods for lifetime.

CPU Limits : It is defined as the maximum resource that could be allocated to a pod by hardware.

CPU Leaks : It occurs when the pod doesn’t release the resource and gives it back to the hardware due to a bug in process after the execution of process takes place. Also if the CPU limit is not set, pod would keep on requesting the resource till it reaches the full capacity of the nodes.

Namespaces : It is defined as the environment created for a user for managing their applications and programs.

What is the use of Grafana?

Open source grafana was designed to work as a UI for analyzing metrics. As such, it can work with multiple time-series data stores, including built-in integrations with Graphite, Prometheus, InfluxDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Elasticsearch, and additional data sources using plugin.

At the end , I would like to thanks Vimal Daga sir and Preeti Daga ma’am for organising this wonderful session by experts that gave an insight to the industrial use case regarding Kubernetes.

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